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April 2008

Title Author Date
Confessions of a canned-coffee collector Mikio Yamazaki Apr 07

January 2008

Title Author Date
from Hints toward an essay on conversation (1713) Jonathan Swift Apr 07

December 2007

Title Author Date
Percolation John Calvin Rezmerski Jan 02
Holiday memories, volume 1, the haiku (What would Jesus drink?) Skippy Dec 04

November 2007

Title Author Date
Holiday memories, volume 1, the limerick Skippy Nov 29

October 2007

Title Author Date
The women's petition against coffee A Well-willer Oct 20

September 2007

Title Author Date
Cappucino art from Japan Poo9922 Sep 19

June 2007

Title Author Date
One man's plea for canned coffee machines in the West Ryan Meinzer Jun 18

February 2007

Title Author Date
We shall not be beaten Bruce Rutledge Feb 16

October 2006

Title Author Date
A Character of Coffee and Coffee-Houses (1661) M. P. Sep 01

May 2006

Title Author Date
J.S. Bach's The Coffee Cantata (Kaffe-Kantate) Christian Friedrich Henrici Sep 01

January 2006

Title Author Date
The pleasures and pains of coffee Honore de Balzac Sep 01

December 2005

Title Author Date
Nine shots, nine-hundred miles Scott Hillis Sep 01

October 2005

Title Author Date
Coming to terms with sweet coffee Yuko Enomoto Sep 01
Coffee with Truman David Cady Sep 01
Zott's: Coffee before the storm David Rutledge Sep 01

Caffeinated Goods

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The Coffee Journals

"In the half-lotus position I sit, typing this out and enjoying a lucid dream in which I am being carried upon the 'shoulders' of a glinting, dew-speckled mass of Fire 'Siphon Method' coffee cans."