The Coffee Journals (190g)

by Chin Music Press

The Coffee Journals (190g) - Five American Bucks - Click here to impulse buy.


Spy photos of the original manuscript, now locked away in a room deep in the bowels of the Pentagon. Our man in D.C., dressed as a member of the Saudi royal family, was able to gain clearance to the room, where he surreptitiously snapped photos with a camera hidden in his briefcase. By blowing up these photos, we were able to reconstruct this document in PDF form. For five measly bucks, the digital version of this dangerous, life-changing manuscript is yours.

Your Fix

The Coffee Journals (190g) is 31 pages long. It was handwritten by Professor Cady, a man -- or to those who've meditated with him ... a vain man -- who grew up on the edge of the Cuzco cloud forest near the ancient Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Oh, how he learned from those old priests. As a boy he imbibed coffee ... steeped himself in coffee ... he is perhaps the first non-native Cuzco to be baptized in the brown nectar. And now, he brings from his mind, to pen and finally to paper his years of wisdom. Possessing a palate refined beyond our sensible comprehension. Able to detect the utmost subtleties of nuances that ethereal brown bean bearing Magnoliophyta lays forth. One can only imagine the brilliance and insight these 31 pages contain.

Interspersed between the frantic scratch are illustrations conjured up whilst at the highest of highs and the lowest fallouts only a stimulant addict could begin to comprehend. The late Paul Erdos looks on over these pages and knows that Craig Mod, handpicked by the professor himself, was, while not on speed, at least nearby someone or something containing coffee when he produced these images.

We offer to you this object -- an object of incalculable import -- in PDF form, for your immediate consumption.


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For $5.00 you get a 300 DPI PDF file containing:

  • 31 handwritten and illustrated pages
  • Reviews of 16 Japanese canned coffees (some have never been published before)
  • Unlimited personal copying and printing rights
  • The fuzzy feeling of supporting independent publishing
  • Information about coffee that doesn't exist elsewhere.

The Full PDF

This is an image of all the spreads placed consecutively in a funny box with a border and trendy background gradient. The actual PDF consists of 14 edge-cropped double-page spreads and one triple-page spread.

PDF Image Quality Check

To give you an idea of the image and text quality of the PDF, here are some zoomed in shots from the actual file.

Closeup of image: Closeup of text:

Licensing / Usage

We'd like to say we really trust you guys. The fact is, we don't. But we also don't have the technology to restrict access to the PDF. As such, we're forced to trust you guys. We know you'd all like to steal this PDF and make copies, mail it to your friends for Christmas, sky-drop it out of blimps over football games, maybe even get it printed on toilet paper and sell it near the Apple store in NYC. We're pleading with you — please don't. Please don't take our livelihood away from us. The sales of this PDF determines what we eat, and man cannot live on canned coffee alone. Is it too much to ask for fresh produce?

We do, however, encourage any and all forms of personal consumption. Print it out. Bind it. Make a million backups. We don't believe in excessive digital rights management. Despite what we wrote above, we actually believe people are, God forbid, generally good and respectful. And with our first foray into digital publishing, we'd like to treat you with respect. So enjoy this rare document on coffee. And don't forget to buy some posters too.