Wonda — "Next Stage"

by Jenny Cady

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The little can of Asahi Soft Drinks’ Wonda Next Stage such and such coffee, which I drank during the waxing of the moon, at ten below, listening to Johnny Cash’s great “Unchained” (driving down the grey road in broad daylight), was my third ever coffee from a can, so if an academic appraisal of it is what you seek, best to consult a trade journal, Dove.

But I am qualified to say the not-too-sweet two-shots-worth of Next Stage I sampled was pretty good, as canned anything goes. Kind of a treat. And since I have your attention, will you please grow some vegetable or flower that excites you? Think about it?

From: "jenny cady"
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 08:37:04 -0900
To: David Cady
Subject: Re: You know da kine


I'm feeling like a Heel for not sending you a real coffee review; you've heard all of my excuses. It was fun to write and I could have gone on in that vein, but writing is like eating chocolate, y'know. An indulgence to do it right. I appreciate the confidence you have placed in me by assigning me a can, though! Really I do. I'm just a sort of person who seldom does things right. And I'd rather really and fully prove up on offers extended or implied to by for the people in my life, but seldom really do, it seems, not in the way I think would be great. At least in this cycle of things. Who knows how that might work?

Ok, outside I go in my too small army snowsuit. frumpfrump

From: "jenny cady"
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 08:35:36 -0900
To: David Cady
Subject: Small like that

Though I might be in trouble for omission and comission, do remember that for you I'm all goodwill, there's just not much of me!

email is almost comically conducive to this type of pathos. I was begged for a response the other day from a friend who was sure I was mortally sore about the particulars of some dinner party plans, when I just hadn't got round to addressing a concern in my reply. "Never you fear;" I told them, "your concern is not founded in (my) reality, but mmm...being begged is really nice..."


From: "jenny cady"
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 10:23:20 -0900
To: David Cady
Subject: Re: You know da kine

breaking from studies, just popped into cannedcoffee.com & read entire comic review, having glanced at cursorily the other day. My "pretty good" was not begged borrowed or stolen from Enrico's inspired
review--scout's honor. for what it's worth, ?? Man it's hard work to come up with an original interesting thought! Every time I try I'm cut right down to size by a hundred other people's more interesting & original thoughts.

"Of course, we are all worms, but I do believe that I am a glow worm."
Winston C.

On 3/19/06, David Cady wrote:

Hey Jenny C,

I'm so sorry about the communication blackout -- I'm back in Tokyo now and between traveling and getting burgled ($1,000 dollars stolen from our room) in Hawaii, I've been too busy or incapacitated to respond.

Thank you so much for the review. I didn't mean to make you feel so worried about its worthiness -- it's a wonderful review and nicely crafted. I would loved to have seen more, because I really like your writing and original phraseology. We will run it today. Maybe sometime during the week you could add another paragraph or two if you feel inspired or have the time (and it sounds like you are indeed busy)? Just send anything that strikes you and send it my way if you have the time or energy. I'm just saying the option is there -- that your review is not set in stone and forever immutable. But I do realize that you are very busy, so please, please take this as a happy invitation and not an impatient demand.

Oh dear, It's time to make breakfast for the lads...


From: "jenny cady"
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 16:55:32 -0900
To: David Cady
Subject: Re: You know da kine

Whoa, sorry to hear of burglery --that had to be discomfiting --did the perp get apprehended & money get restored? Hope so!

And now you're all the way back to Tokyo -- what a contrast from Hawaii, I expect!


Glad you are OK with pithy & silly-ness of review -- I'll keep in mind your generous offer that I can add more if the muse whaps me up onside the head!


From: Craig Mod
To: David Cady
Subject: Re: Can I am
Sent: 20 Mar '06 04:03

I can't believe Jenny didn't comment on the fact that the image on the can is clearly an insinuation to Wonda's plan to destroy the world -- is that NOT the f'in poster for Independence day or what?!


On 3/19/06, David Cady wrote to Jenny Cady:

Craig's comment about your review...

From: "jenny cady"
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 19:56:13 -0900
To: David Cady
Subject: Re: Fw: Re: Can I am

Yes, the logo also struck me as fertile ground for comment… My thought train ran toward an Indiana Jones-style major archaeological discovery, complete with blasto beams of supernatural awe-minosity. Had I been more limber of pen, I would have linked this to my (conservative& very smart) Milton prof.'s recent --joking? --serious? observation that the abandoned ("Lost," even) Garden of Eden would be a worthy object of Indy's next quest.

a tout a l'heur

On 3/19/06, David Cady wrote to Jenny Cady:

Hiya, Sweets.

By the way, I wasn't forwarding C's comments as a "hint hint," but rather as an "I thought this was kind of funny and related to you, so I'll forward it" kind of thing. Hey, maybe I can run our correspondence about the review under the review. Or would that be too avant garde and exhibitionistic? More of a musing than a suggestion, but curious about your opinion.


From: "jenny cady"
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 08:21:15 -0900
To: David Cady
Subject: Re: Fw: Re: Can I am

I got your reason for sending Craig's comment, but really thanks for the assurance; I mean hey we're all human, but I pretty much know that you are not the sort to dish out pressure, Dahveed.

As for running the correspondence, I'll defer to your editorial expertise, though the same type idea entered my head. It would only be exhibitionist of us if we weren't sticking strickly to our topic, right? And for me something gets to be too avant garde when it provides no pathway into it for the reader/viewer. That's just the off-the-cuff bluster of someone who trusts her gut maybe overmuch sometimes. What pathways in our correspondence might reveal to hapless passersby I can't say, since who wants to wind up in the bowels of hell, or a spaceship, with only their native wit and a bullwhip to see them through?


From: "jenny cady"
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 22:16:06 -0900
To: David Cady
Subject: many a days go by

Does the following ever happen to you?

You send an email, then don't hear anything back and you wonder (especially if there was a kind of running dialogue that stops abruptly), "hmmm, what was in my last email that might have, I dunno, come off wrong or something." You go back and read your email to find cryptic undertones are suddenly emanating from every --so you thought before-- innocent sentence.

Zoiks! This is not my beautiful life and where does this higheway lead to? Am I right or ami I wrong --my God! What have I done?

Then you think (to yourself): or maybe that person is busy being elected president of the board or giving CPR, and just can't be breathlessly responding to your inanities alla time.

Today the masterflash, yes the masterflash, was installed in our cabin. I accidentally laughed in the carpenter's face when he told me so..

ta, old bean hope all'swell

Lubber Jenny Cady suggests sugar snap peas (water them well!), bulb fennel, perennials and those bargain brand hazelnut chocolate bars.

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