Dydo — "Kahori"

by David Cady

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Before I tell you why DyDo "Kahori" is a self-serving prick (or social genius, or perhaps both), allow me to list its characteristics, or what experts refer to as a coffee's quote unquote mouthface. This tasty brew uses JAS-certified one-hundred percent organic beans that have been charcoal roasted, lending it a mouthface dominated by notes of conflagrant plastic. It also leverages NCBA aroma-capture technology in a laudable bid to imbue the coffee with a "just-brewed" smell. Because it's so fancy, it costs 130 yen instead of the standard 120 yen. This deluxe offering is tainted primarily by subtle metallic hints, a flaw prevalent for some reason among coffees that use the new screw-top cans.


Also diminishing the drinking experience, however, is DyDo "Kahori"'s penchant for ridiculing people behind their backs, singling out, say, someone's dorky laugh, spastic head movements or nasty breath, but then being the picture of friendliness in front of them. As funny and accurate as DyDo "Kahori"'s observations may be, I think this is generally prickish and self-serving behavior. But maybe DyDo "Kahori" is simply being all things to all people, and maybe a good clandestine ribbing is healthy for all parties involved. Perhaps DyDo "Kahori" is a social genius and deserves our vote.

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