Blendy — "Cafe La Mode - Espresso Roast Blend"

by David Cady

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The blend of the bean is adjusted to achieve the optimum bitterness. Written and expressed on the can, which employs the simple bonito joke, is the design which utilizes the glossy expression. The tasting, which has the clean impression, has a city image that is refined and made complete. In addition, low the fact that it is the sugar type, tastily temporary can by enjoyed. Deep and actualized, it told me to tell you that it loves you always and will not stop loving you until you email it with a message saying stop it. And even then, it will love you.


And its sugar levels have been cut by 37%. You will find it pining for you in Kinuta park, across from a cluster of slurring old men clutching lukewarm Asahis at eleven in the morning. They will point at you and for a moment you will despise them. That feeling will soon pass. It loves you because the years upon years away have turned you into something magical and flawless. It wanted me to ask you if you have any kids. It, which contains an emulsifier, guesses you do. It told me to tell you goodbye.

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